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Good for the Homeowner – Good for the Environment
Green Tools Installed by South County Community Builders

15%>Title 24 Energy
Tests throughout the home to ensure the home isn’t “leaking” and wasting energy

Super Low-E Glass
Windows reflect the sun’s heat helping to keep the house cool during the day.  Energy saver.

Energy Star Light Fixtures
Require less energy and last longer

Energy Star Kitchen Appliances
Energy star dishwashers require less energy

Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
Faucets, toilets and showerheads control the water flow, reducing consumption

Low VOC Paint
Reduces air pollution and improves air quality

90% High Efficiency Furnace
Wastes less heat and is higher efficiency which lowers utility costs and reduces the carbon footprint

Manufactured from linseed oil, a renewable resource.  Very durable.

Radiant Barrier Sheathing
Foil face on roof and gable end sheathing reflects hot sun and helps keep the house cool.  Reduces the need for A/C which reduces energy and utility costs.

Insulated Hot Water Pipes
Pipes are wrapped in foam insulation to minimize heat loss between hot water heater and plumbing fixtures.

Humidstatically Controlled Bath Fans
Located in bathrooms for moisture control.  They circulate air for better indoor air quality and reduce mildew  and mold.

Fresh Air Duct to Furnace Air Return       
Mixes outside air with conditioned air creating fresh air quality for a healthier living environment.  Minimizes indoor moisture problems to reduce risk of mildew.

Tight Duct Systems
Duct joints are sealed tight to minimize heating and cooling leakage into the attic.

Ceiling Insulation to R38
Recycled paper is treated for fire and insect resistance.  Helps stabilize room temperatures.  Energy saver.

Cellulose in 2x4 Walls
Air blown recycled newspaper in walls helps stabilize room temperatures and is a sound barrier.  Energy saver.

High Heel Truss
Truss section over exterior walls is raised allowing for full insulation all the way to the wall.

Water Conserving Native Landscaping
Use of native plants and hydrozoning reduces water consumption.

Recycled material in cement reduces cement manufacturer’s energy consumption.

Construction Waste Recycling
Materials are sorted and recycled to conserve landfill capacity and put waste products to constructive use.   




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